Wild soaps entwines my passion for natural products, health and nature. Not only am I in love with the scientific process of soap making or saponification, but I have so much fun exploring different ingredients - the array of oils and butters, each with their unique lathering and skin satisfying properties, the clays that add colour, texture and a soothing quality to lather, the botanicals - seaweed, alkanet or madder root for colour and nutrients, the milks, juices and other liquids, such as beer that add vitamins, minerals, odour and colour and of course the natural essential oils that give each soap a 'wild' scent.


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Customer reviews and comments:

'Your soaps are AMAZING, we all love them' - E and J - November 2019

'The honey and goat's milk soap is a godsend for my sons skin and we can’t live without them!' - Emma - Sudbury

Charcoal and hemp soap - 'I have severe acne and this soap just cleared it up over night, can definitely recommend! Could see results the next day already, skin feels soft as well, no glycerin, no drying out!'  April 2019 - Claudia

"I was bought soap, shampoo and conditioner bars as a gift and loved them so much I ordered more for myself and other people. Gorgeous scents and really well made so last longer than other bars. The conditioner bars are particularly good!" Best wishes, Helena

'I just wanted to say how pleased I am with not only your products but also your customer service, it’s 1st class. ️ Also I have just used your camomile shampoo block and argon and rose conditioner and my hair is the best it’s ever been after washing it. 🥰 thank you so much'- Sheila - April 2020

I received my order a few weeks ago and just wanted to say how amazing your seaweed soap is, by far the best i have ever used - Jill - May 2020

I received an order recently of the rose and argan shampoo and conditioner bars, and I have to tell you, they're amazing! Seriously they are my favourite bars I've come across so far, especially the conditioner, it glides through my hair without feeling I'm ripping hair out like others, and they smell fab and it's just a real treat again to wash my hair with such fab products - Kimberly - June 2020

Orange-burst shampoo- The best shampoo bar I have ever used , made my hair so soft it's unreal. No more certain shop beginning with L and ending with h for me. Thanks just ordered another one. Deborah - Sept 20

'Can't recommend the shampoo bar enough, best I've ever used' - Davina - commenting on Orange blast shampoo Oct 20