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 Our vision is to make the best plastic free solutions to body and hair care, that are luxurious to use and as natural as possible

Our Collection

Our range of soaps, shampoos and conditioners provide a naturalplastic free, palm oil free pleasure from your head to your toes.


SOAP - Each soap is made with our signature five butters and oils - shea butter, olive, coconut, almond and castor oil - an eclectic mix to ensure we approach the 'holy grail' of a perfect soap. Some soaps have additional luxurious oils such as Jojoba, argan, avocado or hemp. These add distinctive qualities to enhance the pleasure of bathing. The colours are all derived from nature - clays from the earth, seaweed and charcoal, plant root extracts, juices and milks. These not only colour the soap but can enhance other properties such as the lather.  Only essential oils are used as scents, Some of the soaps are 'naked' or unscented such as 'coconut dream' and 'laurel' for a pure and exquisitely natural wash. 

SHAMPOO BARS - All shampoo bars are SLS-free. They do not contain Sulphates. Instead they contain a mild and gentle surfactant (foaming) agent derived from coconuts. They also have jojoba oils and waxes - perfect for your hair and skin. All are coloured naturally and are scented with essential oils. Ingredients are chosen with the utmost care ensuring they add qualities that enhance hair cleaning or conditioning and are gentle to the scalp.

CONDITIONER BARS - Each conditioner bar is packed full of rich hair conditioning agents including waxes, oils and natural silicones. 


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